Comparison of Node Based Versus Layer Based Compositing

In movie post-production, compositing is the art of combining visual elements into one seamless shot. There are two classes of programs used to accomplish this: those that are node based and those that are layer based.

This research report tries to determine whether there is a great difference between the workflow from two types of compositing software, and if the same result can be achieved by both types of programs.

Therefore, it would be especially interesting to small businesses, schools or private users, since most node based programs are usually too expensive to purchase.

To perform this experiment, a short film clip requiring a moderate amount of post-production is composited in two different programs; one node based and one layer based, in order that the differences can be studied.

The final results are that there is little difference in the visual quality of the end result between the two programs, and that the higher cost of a node based program may not necessarily be worth it for smaller businesses and single users.
Source: University of Gävle
Author: Henric, Hedin

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