Automated Software Testing in an Embedded Real-time System

Today, automated software testing has been implemented successfully in many systems, however there does still exist relatively unexplored areas as how automated testing can be implemented in a real-time embedded system.

This problem has been the foundation for the work in this master thesis, to investigate the possibility to implement an automated software testing process for the testing of an embedded real-time system at IVU Traffic Technologies AG in Aachen, Germany.

The system that has been the test object is the on board system i.e box.This report contains the result of a literature study in order to present the foundation behind the solution to the problem of the thesis. Questions answered in the study are: when to automate, how to automate and which traps should one avoid when implementing an automated software testing process in an embedded system.

The process of automating the manual process has contained steps as constructing test cases for automated testing, analysing whether an existing tool should be used or a unique test system needs to be developed. The analysis, based on the requirements on the test system, the literature study and an investigation of available test tools, lead to the development of a new test tool.

Due to limited developement time and characterstics of the, the new tool was built based on post execution evaluation. The tool was therefore divided into two parts, a part that executed the test and a part that evaluated the result. By implementing an automated test tool it has been proved that it is possible to automate the test process at system test level in the
Source: Linköping University
Author: Andersson, Johan | Andersson, Katrin

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