Multiphase Motion Estimation in a Two Phase Flow

To improve the control of a steel casting process ABB has developed an Electro Magnetic Brake (EMBR). This product is designed to improve steel quality, i.e. reduce non-metallic inclusions and blisters as well as risk of surface cracks.

There is a demand of increasing the steel quality and in order to optimize the steel casting, simulations and experiments play an important role in achieving this. An advanced CFD simulation model has been created to carry out this task.

The validation of the simulation model is performed on a water model that has been built for this purpose. This water model also makes experiments possible. One step to the simulation model is to measure the velocity and motion pattern of the seeding particles and the air bubbles in the water model to see if it corresponds to the simulation results.

Since the water is transparent, seeding particles have been added to the liquid in order to observe the motion of the water. They have the same density as water. Hence the particles will follow the flow accurately. The motions of the air bubbles that are added into the water model need also to be observed since they influence the flow pattern.

An algorithm – ”Transparent motions” – is thoroughly inspected and implemented. ”Transparent motions” was originally designed to post process x-ray images. However in this thesis, it is investigated whether the algorithm might be applicable to the water model and the image sequences containing seeding particles and air bubbles that are going to be used for motion estimation.

The result show satisfying results for image sequences of particles only, however with a camera with a faster sampling interval, these results would improve. For image sequences with both bubbles and particles no results have been achieved.
Source: Linköping University
Author: Gustafsson, Gabriella

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