Green IT Balanced Scorecard

Climate change has become a widely discussed topic in many regions of the society. Green IT can be seen as part of the solution to this problem and can be defined as practices that work to improve the phases of design, production and usage of IT hardware, software and communication systems to effectively and efficiently use IT as a tool in the business, with minimal effect on the environment and promoting sustainability.

The purpose of this thesis is to investigate if the Balanced Scorecard model has to be adapted and can be used to find objectives that can aid the implementation of Green IT. This was done by using an inductive approach to find Green IT practices through secondary data and with semi-structured interviews with four Swedish companies. From the interviews, several Green IT practices and drivers were established. The drivers allowed the authors to determine that the Balanced Scorecard’s perspectives did not have to be adapted to fit a Green IT Strategy.

The Green IT practices were transformed into initiatives that formed the basis for several Green IT objectives. Each objective individually fit into the four original perspectives of the Balanced Scorecard. These objectives, including initiatives, were the building blocks for the final Green IT Balanced Scorecard.
Source: Jönköping University
Authors: Andersson, Pernilla | Malmkvist, Linnea

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