Detecting Known Host Security Flaws Over a Network Connection

To test if a host contains any known security flaws over a network connection a Vulnerability Assessment (VA) could be made. This thesis describes different techniques used by VA tools over a network connection to detect known security flaws. To decrease the risk of flaws not being detected, several VA tools could be used.

There is no common way of merging information from different VA tools. Therefore the Vulnerability Assessment Information Handler (VAIH) has been developed. The VAIH system consists of three parts. First, a intermediate language format defined in XML. Second, modules that converts the output of VA tools to the intermediate language format. Third, a program for reading and displaying the intermediate language format.

The VAIH system makes it possible to merge the results from vulnerability assessment tools into one file that can be displayed and edited through a GUI.
Source: Växjö University
Author: Andersson, Martin

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