Methods for Freezing Time with Computer Graphics Imagery

The most effective method to create an illusion of frozen time in film media was explored for this research. Starting with a description and evaluation of different methods of achieving the effect, this document describes the implementation of a specific technique for a particular project to test freezing time.

It was also established to aid students in their understanding of the process in both pre- and post-production. After testing and researching, the method of filming still-posing actors with a high speed camera was chosen.

However, the testing and pre-production phase demanded a large amount of time, therefore for the remainder of the project only one scene was established. For budget and time consuming purposes the two recommended techniques are; camera projection and filming still-posing actors with a high speed camera. The choice between these two methods mainly depends on the amount of camera movement.
Source: University of Gävle
Authors: Andersson, Martin | Olofsson, Marcus

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