Human Powered Vehicle Bike Computer

This project is a bike computer system built for Cal Poly’s Human Powered Vehicle Team. It was designed and built using Arduino and Android programming tools. The project consists of an Arduino Uno used to collect bike data (such as speed, temperature and GPS location) and an Android Application used to display this data in real time and save it to user profiles within the application. Although many bike computers already exist, this project was specifically designed to be used in a team racing environment rather than for individual use.

The purpose of this project is to create a custom bike computer for the Cal Poly Human Powered Vehicle team, which designs and implements Human Powered Vehicles (HPV). HPV’s are “aerodynamic, highly engineered vehicles that may be for use on land, in the water or the air.”

The main focus of the club is to create HPV’s for the Human Powered Vehicle Challenge (HPVC) events put on by the ASME (founded as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers) every year. This project provides the HPV team with a computing device that is useful for their competitions. The basic functionalities of the device include collecting data during a race, showing this data to the user during a race, and enabling the user to analyze data after a race.
Source: California Polytechnic State University
Authors: Eric Yaklin | Bradley Shellnut

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