Extensions and Enhancements to “the Secure Remote Update Protocol”


This paper builds on previous work introducing the Secure Remote Update Protocol (SRUP), a secure communications protocol for Command and Control applications in the Internet of Things, built on top of MQTT. This paper builds on the original Continue reading

An Authentication and Key Management Mechanism for Resource Constrained Devices in IEEE 802.11-based IoT Access Networks


Many Internet of Things (IoT) services utilize an IoT access network to connect small devices with remote servers. They can share an access network with standard communication technology, such as IEEE 802.11ah. However, an Continue reading

IOTA: Internet of Things Assistant


The Internet of Things is the networking of electronic devices, or “Things”, that enables them to collect and share data, as well as interact with their physical surroundings. Analyzing this collected data allows us to make smarter economic decisions. Continue reading

INFLOW: Structured Print Job Delivery

More and more print jobs are delivered from customer to printer digitally over the Internet. Although Internet-based job delivery can be highly efficient, companies in the graphic arts and printing industry often suffer unnecessary costs related to Continue reading