A Task Scheduling Algorithm Based on PSO for Grid Computing

Grid computing is a high performance computing environment to solve larger scale computational demands. Grid computing contains resource management, task scheduling, security problems, information management and so on. Task scheduling is a fundamental issue in achieving high performance in grid computing systems. However, it is a big challenge for efficient scheduling algorithm design and implementation.

In this paper, a heuristic approach based on particle swarm optimization algorithm is adopted to solving task scheduling problem in grid environment. Each particle is represented a possible solution, and the position vector is transformed from the continuous variable to the discrete variable. This approach aims to generate an optimal schedule so as to get the minimum completion time while completing the tasks. The results of simulated experiments show that the particle swarm optimization algorithm is able to get the better schedule than genetic algorithm.
Source: University of Jinan
Authors: Lei Zhang | Yuehui Chen | Runyuan Sun | Shan Jing1 and Bo Yang

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Scheduling Algorithms for Grid Computing: State of the Art and Open Problems

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