Mobile Cloud Computing

The document starts with an introduction to Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) with a definition, architecture, and advantages/disadvantages. At the next sections, continues with the applications of MCC, detailed challenges in mobile environment and solutions. Lastly the document concludes the main issues about the mobile cloud computing with the conclusion part.

Introduction to MCC:
Mobile services have gained speed by the emerging cloud computing technologies, as these devices take an important role in the human life as both communication and entertainment, not bounded by time and place.

The mobile computing (MC) becomes powerful and rapid in the development of IT technology within commerce and industry fields, as well. On the other hand, the mobile devices are facing up with many struggles in their resources (e.g., battery life, storage, and bandwidth) and communications (e.g., privacy, mobility and security). These challenges affect the improvement of service qualities badly.

Cloud computing (CC) started to be widely used and brought many opportunities in the means of resources like servers, networks, and storages, platforms and software at very low costs. This ease of use and low cost of CC can lead mobile applications to be more widespread and provide variety of services in the mobile

The mobile applications can be thought a new way from the cloud providers’ perspective; it can be integrated with the existing cloud system without needing any additional costly infrastructure, but new types of services and facilities for the mobile users.
Author: Fatih Özlü

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