Interactive Web-based Guideline for the Efficiency of Household Electric Power Consumption

The purpose of this project was to build electric energy calculator using practical saving potentials and factors evaluated from the AMR metered household electric energy consumptions.

The practical factors used in the calculator are evaluated from the data analysis of one year AMR metered consumption and statistical survey of households from Kajaani and Savo areas of central Finland. These factors, listed in Table 1, are obtained from the study work named ‘Energy Efficiency Analysis of Residential Electric End-Uses: Based on Statistical Survey and Hourly Metered Data’, which was conducted under ENETE project.

Plain HTML code and Javascript was used to build the web-based application. The household appliances are grouped in to five main categories.
1. Heating and Ventilation systems
2. Home electronics (Consumer electronics)
3. Kitchen appliances
4. Lighting and utility appliances
5. Office Equipments
Source: Aalto University
Author: Merkebu Degefa Zenebe

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