Distributed Caching in a Multi-Server Environment

This paper discusses the problems Distributed Caching can be used to solve and evaluates a couple of Distributed Caching Platforms targeting the .NET Framework.

Basic concepts and functionality that is general for all distributed caching platforms is covered in chapter 2. We discuss how Distributed Caching can resolve synchronization problems when using multiple local caches, how a caching tier can relieve the database and improve the scalability of the system, and also how memory consumption can be reduced by storing data distributed.

A couple of .NET-based caching platforms are evaluated and tested, these are Microsoft AppFabric Caching, ScaleOut StateServer and Alachisoft NCache. For a quick overview see the feature comparison-table in chapter 3 and for the main advantages and disadvantages of each platform see section 6.1.

The benchmark results shows the difference in read performance, between local caching and distributed caching as well as distributed caching with a coherent local cache, for each evaluated Caching Platform. Local caching frameworks and database read times are included for comparison. These benchmark results are in chapter 5.
Source: Mälardalen University
Author: Herber, Robert

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