Dynamically Personalizing Search Results for Mobile Users

We introduce a novel situation-aware approach to personalize search results for mobile users. By providing a mobile user with appropriate information that dynamically satisfies his interests according to his situation, we tackle the problem of information overload.

To build situation-aware user profile we rely on evidence issued from retrieval situations. A retrieval situation refers to the spatio-temporal context of the user when submitting a query to the search engine.

A situation is represented as a combination of geographical and temporal concepts inferred from concrete time and location information by some ontological knowledge. User’s interests are inferred from past search activities related to the identified situations.

They are represented using concepts issued from a thematic ontology. We also involve a method to maintain the user’s interests over his ongoing search activity and to personalize the search results.
Source: IRIT
Author: Ourdia Bouidghaghen, Lynda Tamine-Lechani, and Mohand Boughanem

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Personalized Mobile Information Retrieval System

Ontology Supported Personalized Search for Mobile Devices

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