Context-aware Personalized Mobile Web Search Techniques – A Review

The advent of the Web has raised different searching and querying problems. Keyword matching based querying techniques used by various search engines, return thousands of Web documents for a single query, and most of these documents are generally are unrelated to the user’s required information.

Queries submitted to a search engine may have ambiguous meanings. For example, depending on the users, the query “apple” may refer to a fruit, the company Apple Computer and so forth.

Thus, providing personalized query suggestion (e.g., users interested in “apple” as a fruit get suggestions about fruit, while users interested in “apple” as a company) will help the user in getting the desired information.

This makes the current retrieval systems far from optimal. Also because of geography’s important role in search requests, methods are required which aim at giving improved answers to geographic search requests.

Geo search applications can use a standard keyword interface and extract geographic information (implicit or explicit) from queries, employ graphic interfaces such as interactive maps, or use the current location of a mobile user.

This paper focuses on the survey of many efficient Context aware Personalized Web search approaches with geographical information which were proposed by many authors.
Source: IJCSIT
Author: Deepika Bhatia | Smita Nirkhi | Preeti Bajaj

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