Online Library Management System in ASP.Net

The Online Library Management System is an application for assisting a librarian in managing a book library in a university. The system would provide basic set of features to add/update members, add/update books, and manage check in specifications for the systems based on the client’s statement of need. The web based user interface is developed in Asp.Net with ease of use.

Online Library management system is a typical management Information system (MIS),its development include the establishment and maintenance of back-end database and front-end application development aspects. For the former require the establishment of data consistency and integrity of the strong data security and good libraries. As for the latter requires the application fully functional, easy to use and so on.

In this Library Management System, all the transactions of the book which are done in the library are stored in the software. First the students have to register in the software. Then they can use the library books. One book can be taken from the library for maximum of 7 days. after that the software will automatically put the fine the that particular student who has not submitted the book within the given time.

Here there wont be chance of losing the books from library because all the student details who has taken the book will be there in the software. Even this software tells the student about the particular book is in which rack of the library. since the user will be entering all the details of the books. Advantages, it saves time of both student and users, no chance of missing the data, calculation for the fine of particular book will be done properly and so many other.

Proposed system is an automated Online Library Management System. Through our software user can add books, search books, renewal, update information, edit information, and return books in quick time. Our proposed system has the following advantages. User friendly interface and fast access to database Less error and More Storage Capacity Searching facility Look and Feel Environment Quick transaction.

A librarian can issue a book to the student. A Student Can view The different categories of books available in the Library . A librarian Can view the List of books available in each category Can take the book returned from students Add books and their information of the books to the database Edit the information of the existing books. Check the report of the issued Books. Access all the accounts of the students. View the List of books available in each category Student can put a request for a new book View the history of books issued to him previously

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