Detection and Extraction of Sky Regions in Digital Images based on Color Classification

In many applications of image processing there is a need to extract the solid background which it is usually sky for outdoor images. In our application we present this solution. We developed an automatic algorithm for detection and extraction of sky regions in the color image based on color classification.

In which the input image should be in the RGB color space and the blue color is detected and classified. Then the color image is transformed to the binary form and the connected regions are extracted separately.

The connected regions are then sorted in a descending order according to the biggest area and the biggest region is identified. Then we merged all objects that have similar sky properties. Experimental results showed that our proposed algorithm can produce good results compared to other existing algorithms.

Color extraction is quite important in image processing field since it can be used in the extraction  of  different  kind  of  objects.  There  are  many  applications  based  on color classification such as, in satellite images to extract specific vegetation type using color information  that  this vegetation has the same color[15], in  alpine ecosystem  for monitoring snowmelt and estimating the influence  of  future  climate change [9], in computer  vision for recognize objects in real time [1,2], in video recognition systems for  tracking  of  facial  region [8], in medical field to  detect the homogeneous  regions for pathology  study [3].

In our particular  application, we  aim to  detect the background  of  the  buildings since our  main  task is to extract buildings. It is difficult to define buildings since they have different shapes, different windows, different types of roofs and many details so it  is  hard  to  define  them  but  we  can  define  everything  else  and  when  we  extract everything  from  image  only the buildings will remains.

In this research study, we will use color classification for one specific application which  always has  a sky for a background. The images that will be used to test the proposed algorithm are provided by the research team.
Source: University of Gävle
Authors: Abdelrahman, Ahmed

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