Correlational Analysis of Drivers Personality Traits and Styles in a Distributed Simulated Driving Environment

In this project we conducted research study on driver’s behavior in T-Intersections using simulated environment. This project describes and discusses correlation analysis of driver’s personality traits and style while driving at T-Intersections.

The experiments were performed on multi user driving simulator under controlled settings, at Linköping University. A total of forty-eight people participated in the study and were divided into groups of four, all driving in the same simulated world. During the experiments participants were asked to fill a series of well-known self-report questionnaires.

We evaluated questionnaires to get the insight in driver’s personality traits and driving style. The self-report questionnaires consist of Schwartz’s configural model of 10 values types and NEO-five factor inventory. Also driver’s behavior was studied with the help of questionnaires based on driver’s behavior, style, conflict avoidance, time horizon and tolerance of uncertainty. Then these 10 Schwartz’s values are correlated with the other questionnaires to give the detail insight of the driving habits and personality traits of the drivers.
Source: Linköping University
Authors: Abbas, Muhammad Hassan| Khan, Mati-ur-Rehman

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