Unit Testing of Java EE Web Applications

This report determines if the Mockito and Selenium testing frameworks are well suited for novice users when unit- and integration testing existing Java EE Web applications in the course IV1201 – Design of Global Applications. The report also provides user-friendly tutorials to help with the learning process.

Unit testing is an optional part of a major Java EE project. This project covers most of the time for the course Design of Global applications, IV1201. It is a web-based recruiting system where applicants can apply for a job by filling out a form. The project also lets a recruiter log in to the system and read the applications in order to decide which applicant or applicants to hire for a certain job.

The recruitment system is fictive and the jobs are not real. It only exists for academic purposes and the point is to teach students on how to code a Java EE Web project from the ground up. It is also the code base used for testing during this thesis project.
Source: KTH
Authors: Castillo Patino, Christian | Hamra, Mustafa

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