Perceptual Video Quality Assessment Tool

Subjective video quality is a subjective characteristic of video quality. It is concerned with how a video is perceived by the viewer and designates his or her opinion on the particular video sequence. Subjective video quality tests are quite expensive in terms of time (preparation and running) and human resources.

The main objectives of this testing is how the human observes the video quality since they are the ultimate end user. There are many ways of testing the quality of the videos. We have used ITU-T Recommendation P.910.

Digital pictures are progressively finding their path into the daily lives of people via the explosion of video applications such as digital television, digital film, internet videos, video teleconference, video sharing services such as YouTube, Video on Demand (VoD), and home televisions and then along. Digital videos typically pass through various processing stages before they reach the end user of the video.
Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology
Author: Dhakal, Prabesh | Tiwari, Prabhat | Chan, Pawan

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