Disc Golf Locator

The purpose of this project was to develop a device that could help a player locate a disc used in disc golf. The device could attach to the disc and track the location and movement of the disc. In addition, the device could transfer this data to a smartphone application and emit a loud noise to aid in locating the disc.

On this project, I developed the smartphone application to communicate with the device. The application transferred the saved data from the device, plotted it on a map of the golf course and calculated statistics on each throw. The work that I did on the application was very helpful to me, because it allowed me to learn about Android development, Bluetooth LE technology and the Java programming language. Overall, the application provided the project with significant value, because it provided a detailed look at the way a player throws the disc and allows that player to improve based on the statistics of his or her previous throws.
Source: University of Akron
Author: Noah M. Sanor

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